Company profile

Main Office

Main Office
Conpany Name
One Dream Agent Pte.Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
Kunitaka Hideshima
Incorporation Date
30 Cecil Street #19-08 Prudential Tower Singapore 049712

Branch Office

Branch Office
Company Name
ODAPL Co., Ltd.
Company Representative
Chief Executive Officer Kunitaka Hideshima
July 2021
2-17-30-4F Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
5,000,000 JPY
+81 92 715 8508


November 2011  |    One Dream Agent Pte.Ltd.

December 2011  |    Visa, Mastercard accepted

April 2012  |    JCB, Amex, Diners accepted

August 2013   |    Monthly revenue reached US$100,000

August 2016  |    Monthly revenue reached US$500,000

October 2016  |    Achieved PCI-DSS compliance

August 2020  |    Monthly revenue reached US$1,000,000

July 2021  |    Japanese company ODAPL Co., Ltd. established

Our Beginnings

One Dream Agent Pte. Ltd.

Dreams, as many as there are people

Dreams, what if only one could come true?

Dreams, what would our universal dream be?

We believe that dream would be “peace”.

That the whole world may live in peace,

be kind to nature and to all living things,

and may all of mankind be fulfilled in mind and in body,

free from conflict and free from discrimination

We strive to do our part

In making this dream come true.

It is with this in mind that our company name was born:

One Dream Agent.

It is our mission to continue to work together hand in hand to create that perfect world.