A Variety of Payment Methods All in One Place

OneWallet is One Dream Agent’s payment processing service which allows you to accept a wide variety of payment methods and manage them all from one centralized location.

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Payment Processing

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Why Choose

Get started and ready to begin accepting payments in no time!

Easily manage a wide variety of payment methods all in one place!

Cut down on operating costs by managing all payments in one go!

About OneWallet

Merchant Agreements

Merchant agreements and approval will be conducted by each individual credit card or other payment company. You will also be asked to sign a contract agreeing to use OneWallet as a payment module system. (Select payments may be subject to contract between the merchant and our company.)

Payment of Funds

Funds will be deposited directly from each credit card or other payment company into the merchant’s account. Payment cycles and support will be determined by each individual contract with the payment company. (Select payments may be made from our company via bank transfer.)

Account Management Screen

You can check the transaction log from OneWallet’s account management screen. Please check the account management screen provided by each credit card or payment company to confirm sales data.