Payment Services

Comprehensive payment consulting services

We offer comprehensive payment consulting services for those looking to either improve their current payment system or implement a new payment system for websites such as e-commerce, paid membership and rewards websites, processing micropayments, or for corporate websites.

One Dream Agent offers a wide variety
of payment services

With One Dream Agent’s original OneWallet payment system you can easily implement and manage payments from a variety of payment methods including credit cards, convenience store payments, several types of electronic money and more all in one place at one affordable low rate. One Dream Agent is here to help you find the right payment service solution for your business.

Payment Methods Available

  • Credit Card Payment

    Credit Card Payment

    • Most popular option

    We make accepting credit card payments a breeze even for those industries in which accepting credit cards has traditionally been difficult, including e-commerce, digital content, overseas websites, and more.

  • Convenience Store Payment

    Convenience Store Payment

    • Popular among younger customers and women
    • Lowers your risk of non-payment

    After making a purchase on your website customers can use this option to make their payment at convenience stores. Almost all the paperwork is done for you, eliminating the need to bother with confusing multimedia terminals and making convenience store payment an easy, stress-free experience.

  • E-wallet


    • Zero risk of non-payment
    • o Electronic money

    E-wallet is the next-generation of electronic money which uses caller ID for authentication. No prepaid numbers or PIN numbers required. Simply notify e-wallet of your phone number to complete your payment.



    • Zero risk of non-payment
    • Electronic money

    Unlike other kinds of prepaid electronic money, G-Money uses the customer’s phone number for payment authentication, eliminating the need to issue or retain user IDs. Simply call the number shown on the screen to authenticate your payment and your payment is complete.

  • Security Money

    Security Money

    • No personal information required
    • Electronic money

    This electronic money uses a 16-digit numeric ID for authentication. No need to enter personal information when purchasing points. You can combine funds from different IDs as well.

  • NetRideCash


    • Electronic money
    • Growing in popularity among all kinds of customers

    This prepaid electronic money uses a 16-character alphanumeric ID for authentication. Can be exchanged for WebMoney, so no need to worry about leaving any remaining points unused.



    • Electronic money
    • Increased sales opportunities

    This popular payment method allows customers to pay for charges together with their mobile phone bill for unbeatable convenience.

  • BitCash


    • Electronic money
    • Zero risk of non-payment

    With BitCash customers can go to a convenience store or bank to pay upon receipt of goods. The company collects payment of fees on your behalf, eliminating any risk of non-payment.

  • Pay-easy


    • Bank transfer
    • Safe and secure

    Pay-easy is a convenient service which lets customers make payments for all kinds of services including taxes and utilities right from their PC, smartphone/mobile phone, or ATM.